Electronic Water Meters

In October 2018, the City began to replace all residential water meters with new electronic meters, including registers and transmitter antennas.  The transmitter antenna (also called a “puck”) is located on the top of the meter lid and is raised about 1/4 inch.  Since the transition to the electronic meters, there have been multiple incidents of lawn mowers striking and damaging the antennas.  While mowing or performing yard work, please be cautious of the water meter lid and antenna.  The links below have a picture of a meter lid with antenna and the Water and Sewer Department’s Electronic Meter Damage Policy.  Contact the Water and Sewer Office with any questions.

Meter Lid and Antenna Picture

Electronic Meter Damage Policy 9-24-19

Water, Sewer, and Trash Rates for 2020-2021

Beginning on the July usage billing (August bill), the annual water, sewer, and trash rate increases will be implemented.  The water rates have been increased by 2.6%, which is the amount Rend Lake Water Conservancy District rasied our supply rates for the year.  The sewer base rate was increased from $5.00 per month to $9.00 per month to pay for additional experienced/licensed personnel needed to properly operate our aging sewer plant.  The trash rates increased by 3%, which is the amount Republic raised our rates for the year.  A breakdown of the rate incereases can be found in the link below.

Water-Sewer-Trash rates 2020-2021