Carterville Heritage & Preservation Foundation
The Carterville Heritage & Preservation Foundation is a 501C3 charity organization that was formed in 2010 with a mission to present, preserve, and restore the history of Carterville, Cambria, & Crainville.  Board of Directors meet on the first Monday of each month and in addition to raising funds to produce Carterville, Cambria, & Crainville:  A Look Back At Our Towns, the Heritage Foundation has sponsored downtown events including “Christmas In Carterville”, preserved items such as the Richart Quilt that is now displayed in the Anne West Lindsey Library, and is currently focusing efforts on the “Carterville Heritage Museum” at 139 S. Division Street in downtown Carterville.

As part of the book development, the Foundation held a “Carterville Photo History Day” on May 22, 2010, where people in the community brought in photos for volunteers to scan.  As part of this ongoing effort, the Foundation now has more than 6,000 photos in the archive that represent the communities of Carterville, Cambria, and Crainville.

Memorabilia, historic photos, and other antiques are currently being collected for the heritage museum.  To make a donation, contact:

To purchase Carterville, Cambria, & Crainville:  A Look Back At Our Towns, e-mail