The city of Carterville has one cemetery with 5 sections, all located in the same area.  The oldest section is Oakwood, established by Carterville’s co-founder, George McNeill.  McNeill lived near Elles Avenue and South Division and donated 10 acres of his farmland to establish Oakwood.  The next section added to this land was Hillcrest Cemetery, which sits just south of Oakwood.  The Carterville Woman’s Club played a significant role in the development of these two cemeteries as they established a fund for the upkeep of these two cemeteries.


Other cemeteries, located in this same area, include North Oakwood, Little Flock, a small family owned
cemetery, and just across the street is Willowrest, the newest section of the City’s Cemeteries.
Lots can be purchased in the Willowrest section.


Lot prices are:
  – Two graves = $300
  – Four graves = $600
  – Eight graves = $1,000


To purchase a lot, or for more information regarding Carterville’s cemeteries, visit City Hall or contact City Hall at