To reach the Carterville Police Department, contact 618-985-4853.

Carterville Police Department consists of nine full-time police officers, nine part-time police officers, six auxiliary officers and two administrative assistants on staff.  The department is led by Chief of Police, Mike Flaningam.  This highly trained staff is dedicated to the profession of law enforcement and is proud to serve the citizens of Carterville.

Carterville Police Department would always like to remind residents and visitors to please slow down and be cautious in our school zone areas, as these are busy roadways in our town.

Because of the importance of safety, vendors who want to go door-to-door for sales or promotion opportunities must check-in with the police department prior to doing so.

Prior to having a yard sale, please obtain a free Yard Sale permit from the Police Department at 121 W. Illinois.  Citizens can do their part in maintaining a safe community by participating in programs such as CrimeStoppers, a Neighborhood Watch Program, or forming a community coalition for drug prevention.

To learn more about Crime Stoppers, contact:
Williamson County Crime Stoppers. Inc.
P│1- 800-997-6541

To learn more about Neighborhood Watch Program: Click here

Mission Statement
To provide a safe community by enforcing the laws of the State of Illinois and local ordinances to the best of our ability                                                                                            in an equal and ethical manner.