To ensure the safety of our residents, the City of Carterville has Ordinances for Building Codes and Zoning Codes.  Certain rules are in place to be followed when building a new home, business, addition, detached building, fence, etc., as well as the maintenance of properties and zoning.

Building permit fee:  $.10 per square foot for all construction “under roof” including commercial and residential structures with basements, second stories, outbuildings, garages, carports and any like construction.

For more information or to obtain a permit please call:
Building Inspector, Ralph Graul (618) 713-4130 or email

For code enforcement concerns, please email:

To view the codes that are required by the City of Carterville, click on Zoning Codes, to view the map depicting the zoning for the City of Carterville click Zoning Map.

YARD  SALE PERMITS:  Yard Sales in Carterville must be permitted through the Carterville Police Department.  Yard sales cannot exceed two consecutive days and there is a limit of two yearly per residence.  Yard sale signs may not be posted on City boulevards or right of way, nor can they be tacked, nailed or secured to utility poles or sign posts.  There is no charge for a yard sale permit and the form linked below can be returned to the Carterville Police Department for approval.





Yard Sale Permit