In the City of Carterville, a fence/pool permit must be obtained for any new construction: fence of any type or swimming pool.

Construction must not start until a permit has been granted. Only the owner/agent of the property may sign the permit application: fences, corners, and perimeter/pools perimeter. Owner/contractor must stake out the proposed project prior to submitting permit application.

The City of Carterville requires four (4) steps/inspections during the course of construction. The owner/agent/contractor is responsible for notifying the building codes office as to when the inspections are applicable.

Site Inspection: Inspection of setbacks, and review of plans and other lot requirements.
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Pool pre-fill inspections & no more than 2’ of water before inspection.
Final: Final inspection.

Owner/contractor must submit plans with the application. For residential, plan can be drawn on the reverse side of the application.

Electrician for pool installation must be a competent person and must show at least 50% of annual income is from electrical work.

Penalties: The property owner, upon being notified by the City that their pool is in violation of this ordinance, shall take the necessary steps to correct said violation with thirty (30)  days of notification of same. If the property owner does not remedy this situation by conforming the pool or surrounding fence to the specifications in this ordinance, as described above within the thirty (30) day time frame, then said property owner shall be fined. 

For a Fence/Pool Permit Application, click here.