Neighborhood Crime Watch has been a very important program throughout the United States. Under the leadership of Williamson County Commissioner and Carterville-resident Brent Gentry, the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program was brought back in 2006.

If you would like to form a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program, following steps should be taken:

  • Try to keep the area involved in the program to 14 houses are less.
  • Select a chairman and co-chairman, then these individuals should visit the neighbors to ensure that they want to be a part of the program.  Full participation is necessary.
  • A meeting should be held for the neighbors where contact phone numbers and style of cars are written down and exchanged for all neighbors to have.  A description of each family member is also helpful in this document.
  • If someone leaves town for any length of time they should contact the chairman/ co-chairman so they can notify people to watch their house.  For instance, if you see a vehicle in the person’s driveway that was not written down on their sheet you should call the homeowner immediately to see if it is someone who has permission to be there.
  • Contact Brent Gentry, Williamson County Commission, at 618-997-1301, ext. 131 or by emailing, to obtain Neighborhood Crime Watch signs for the neighborhood.
  • Inform the Carterville Police Department that you have established this program in your neighborhood and provide chair and co-chairman’s contact info to the police.

This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and work together for a safer community.