The City of Carterville has one cemetery with five sections, all located in the same area on Willow Street.  The names of the sections: Oakwood, Hillcrest, North Oakwood, Little Flock and Willowrest.

To view a map showing each section of the cemetery click Carterville Cemeteries Map.

Oakwood Cemetery is the oldest section, established by Carterville’s co-founder George McNeil.  Mr. McNeil donated 10 acres of his farmland to establish Oakwood.  Click on Oakwood Cemetery to view a map.

Hillcrest Cemetery is the second section, sitting just to the south of Oakwood.  Click on Hillcrest Cemetery to view a map.

North Oakwood Cemetery, on the north side of Oakwood, was established from land that was purchased from the Bogard family.  Click on North Oakwood to view a map.

Little Flock Cemetery is a small family owned cemetery that sits just in between Oakwood and North Oakwood Cemeteries.  This cemetery at some time was inherited by the City.  Click on Little Flock Cemetery to view a map.

Willowrest Cemetery in the newest section of the City’s Cemeteries.  It is located across Willow Street east of the other cemeteries.  Willowrest was established with property purchased from the Rice family.  It is the only cemetery with spaces available for purchase.  There are two blocks in Willowrest that have lots with two (2) grave spaces.  They run east and west along the north and south sides of Willowrest.  The other blocks in Willowrest are eight (8) grave lots which can be purchased in whole or half lots (8 or 4 grave spaces).  Click on Willowrest Cemetery to view a map.

Prices are as follows:
Two Grave Spaces         $   300.00
Four Grave Spaces        $   600.00
Eight Grave Spaces       $1,000.00

City of Carterville Cemetery Department
(618) 985-2252