The Carterville City Council is made up of eleven members.  The Mayor, City Clerk, Treasurer and eight Aldermen (two representing each of four wards).  Offices of Mayor, City Clerk and Treasurer are four year terms.  Terms for Aldermen are four years as well, with elections being for one Alderman per Ward every two years.  Click here to see a map that shows the four wards.


The Mayor and City Council must reside in Carterville for at least one (1) year prior to running for office and alderman must reside in their particular ward.  For those individuals interested in running for city council, the following procedures will occur:

  • Ensure that you have been a registered voter in the City Limits of Carterville for at least one year.
  • If the position is for Alderman registration as a voter in the appropriate Ward.
  • Election packets may be obtained from the City Clerk.  Each packet includes a petition for signatures.  The candidate is required to obtain a specified number of voter signatures in order to run.  Percentages are based on the number of voters from the most recent City election in each particular position.  The City of Carterville will post, in the local newspaper – The Courier and The Southern Illinoisan, as well as on this website and posted on in City Hall, when these packets are available for the public.
  • One Alderman position, of two, per ward will be elected every two years for a four year term; Mayor, City Clerk and Treasure position are all elected every four years.
  • Petition deadlines vary and will be included in the candidate’s packet.
  • Candidates may campaign up to the time of election.
  • City Elections typically fall on the first Tuesday of April of local election years.