Monthly Water Bill Increase

The Carterville Water and Sewer Board along with the City Council have approved the financing and installation of digital water meters for Carterville water customers. The remote digital reading capability allows for many improvements and additional capabilities. In order to finance this investment in our water system, the debt service charge on the monthly water bills will increase for all in town and out of town Carterville water customers to a total of $9.00 a month. This is a $3.00 per month increase for in town water customers and $7.00 per month increase for out of town water customers.

Please contact the Carterville Water Department with any questions, 618-985-2011.

Read full information here.

Republic Trash Cart Placement

The City of Carterville along with Republic Services is reminding Carterville residential trash customers to place their trash carts as close to the roadway as possible.  When the trash carts are placed close to the road, it allows the trash truck to stay in the lane of the roadway and still reach the carts with the truck’s automated arm.  This will prevent the trash trucks from parking and driving along the edges and shoulders of the road surfaces.  We have experienced some road surface damage in the past and hope to prevent this in the future.  If there are any questions, please conatct the Carterville Water and Sewer Department at 618-985-2011.

Boil Water Order – August 8, 2018


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Due to a water main break on West Grand and corner of Zimmerman, an ISOLATED BOIL ORDER has been issued for the following customers:  all of Cottonwood, from Cottonwood South on Dent to West Grand, and all of West Grand Customers North and South from Dent to Mulberry.  Therefore, these customers are under a boil order until further notice.

Water used for Drinking and Cooking purposes should be brought to a rolling boil for at least 5 (five) minutes before use.

For more information please call 618-985-2011.