Carterville residents serviced by Ameren:

The voters of Carterville passed municipal electric aggregation in April 2023.  The City partnered with Affordable Gas and Electric (AGE) for bidding the supply and implementation of the program.  This past summer, AGE signed our aggregation group to the lowest bidder of energy supply, Homefield Energy.  Today, the letters from AGE and Homefield explaining the aggregation process and including the opt-out instructions started arriving to Carterville residents.  The short version of the information is below.

  • Aggregation only applies to Ameren customers in the Carterville city limits.
  • The Carterville rate from Homefield is 8.473 cents per kilowatt/hour.
  • The current Ameren default energy rate is 8.107 cents per kilowatt/hour, but AGE is anticipating an Ameren increase to the Transmission Service Charge on January 1, 2024.
    • This is expected to place the Ameren default rate around 8.5 cents per kilowatt/hour.
  • If you want to participate in the savings over time, there’s no need to do anything with the letter or card.
  • If you want to opt-out and pay the default energy rate of Ameren, complete the yellow postcard included.
  • The opt-out deadline is December 4, 2023.  However, after the implementation, Ameren will send every Carterville customer a letter notifying of the change and provide another opt-out period.
  • Aggregation is not in competition with Ameren, they actually work together.
    • Ameren is in the energy distribution business and aggregation groups are in the energy supply business.
    • Ameren is required by the state of Illinois to offer a default option for supply to every customer.
    • Ameren is also required to add the supplier cost to their distribution bill.  This will allow for you to continue to receive one bill…and it will continue to come from Ameren.
  • In summary, municipal aggregation allows all of our residents served by Ameren to partner with many other communities in Illinois to bid for a supply rate lower than the Ameren default option.
  • AND, people that come to your door or call your phone trying to sell solar or electricity ARE NOT affiliated with the City of Carterville or the Carterville municipal aggregation program.

Follow the link below for a copy of the letter being sent to the Carterville customers.  Feel free to contact City Hall with any questions.

Homefield Energy letter 11-2023