The City of Carterville has recently contracted with Southern Illinois Waste to provide residential trash service for residents of the City.  SI Waste was the lowest bidder of two companies that submitted proposals to the City.  Because SI Waste bid their first year’s residential base rate at the same price as Republic Services was charging for the previous year’s service, the base residential trash bill is remaining the same for July 2024 through June 2025.


There are a few changes coming as we transition from Republic Services to SI Waste.  The first is the cost and billing for extra trash containers.  Republic Services currently charges $6 per month for an additional container/cart and bills the customer directly, outside of the City’s water/sewer/trash bill.  SI Waste will be charging $9 per month for an additional container/cart, and the additional carts from SI Waste will be billed along with the trash billing on your water/sewer trash bill from Carterville.  The Carterville Water & Sewer Office will be contacting customers that currently subscribe with Republic for additional carts to determine if they want to keep an additional cart with the new trash contractor.


The next change is to the pricing of residential/multi-family dwelling dumpsters.  That pricing is dependent on the size of the dumpster.  The Carterville Water & Sewer Office will be contacting customers that currently subscribe to dumpster service through the City to inform them of the pricing changes to their specific size dumpster as well as other options.


The final change will be the transition from the blue Republic containers to the gray SI Waste containers.  Republic Services has requested our residential customers leave their blue cart at the curb after the cart is emptied on the last pick-up in June (the week of June 24-29, 2024).  During the same time frame, SI Waste is coordinating the delivery of their gray carts, in order to be ready for the residential trash route starting July 1, 2024.


As of right now, SI Waste is planning on utilizing the same trash days and routes.  However, if SI Waste plans to make any adjustments to the routes in the future, there will be advanced notifications sent to the affected residents.


Please feel free to contact the Carterville Water & Sewer Office with any questions or concerns prior to, during, or after the trash service transition.

Water Office: 618-985-2011

City Hall: 618-985-2252