Over the last 30-60 days, Republic Services has been working through truck driver shortages.  Republic has been hiring and training additional drivers while also pulling drivers from other parts of the region, which has been causing incremental improvements.  Now Republic Services has many employees affected by COVID, which is causing more delays in the Carterville residential routes.  Republic reported yesterday they expect all remaining trash containers in the Carterville routes will be picked up today.  Republic Services also said they are planning to delay and/or suspend other regional trash routes to keep up with Carterville and their other municipal contracts.

While this issue remains, please continue to place your trash container at the curb on your scheduled day.  If the trash is not picked up on that day, please leave the container out until it is emptied.  If the container is not emptied by Thursday, please contact City Hall or the Water and Sewer Office.  We maintain a list of the containers that have not been emptied by Friday every week.  On Fridays, our Street Department staff responds to those addresses to remove any trash that was missed by Republic from that week.  The City will continue to work with Republic to serve the citizens of Carterville until Republic completes training new staff and their employees are through this most recent wave of COVID.

Please feel free to contact the Carterville Water and Sewer Office or City Hall with any questions by calling or submitting emails through www.visitcarterville.com.