On the April 4, 2023 Carterville election ballot, there is a question on Carterville having the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity.  This yes or no question will either allow or deny Carterville the opportunity to be included in a bulk energy purchasing group.

This only applies to Ameren customers in the Carterville City Limits.  Ameren is an electric distribution company that’s required to provide a supply option.  Ameren’s focus is distributing energy but they are required to provide a supply option to customers that have not chosen another energy supplier.  Aggregation group suppliers buy in bulk and lock in longer term rates by contract.

There is an opt-out option built into the program that allows any Carterville Ameren customer to leave the bulk buying group at any time with no penalty and no cost.

To summarize, a yes vote allows a supplier to add Carterville Ameren customers into their buying group.  A no vote will not allow a supplier to add Carterville Ameren customers to their buying group.

The advertisement for the upcoming public hearing is linked below.  Please feel free to contact City Hall with any questions.

Carterville Public Notice – 2023