The vision of this 501C charity is to heal abused children physically and emotionally and to stop the abuse of children.  Through fundraising and generous donations, this organization has been able to provide funding assistance to more than 50 agencies state-wide that to help meet the needs of abused, abandoned, and neglected children.

John A. Logan College generously provides office space for the Foundation.  An annual fund-raiser is held in October that includes dinner and a now “famous” auction.  Whether it is for car seats, counseling, or special medical equipment for the examinations of sexually abused children, the Foundation bridges the gap when possible.  The Foundation also sponsors numerous seminars and workshops over the years, provided at no cost to hundreds of attendees.

The Foundation has completed several large projects to date, such as building a new shelter in 2003 for women and children in Cairo, IL. The 6000 sq. ft. shelter is valued at $600,000 and was primarily completed with the donations of local labor unions, a $50,000 grant to the Anna Bixby Women’s Center in Harrisburg, IL. in 2004, a $125,000.

In 2007, the Foundation donated a building in West Frankfort, IL. to the Night’s Shield – Roan Center and then contributed $125,000 towards its renovation, creating an emergency shelter for children rescued from abusive home situations.

In 2008, the Foundation pledged $50,000 to Southern Illinois Regional Social Services to help build the 3rd-floor children’s wing of their future facility.

The Foundation has accomplished a great deal for children through your generous donations of time and money.

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